Ox Art are a collaborative art making duo –  Annabel Pettigrew and Rob MacPherson.

Ox was founded in 2012 through a collective interest in mythology, folklore, horror movies, science fiction and pop counterculture. Our work takes timely influence from the pagan Wheel of the Year, and manifests itself through a variety of different means, including sculpture, installation, performance, film, sound and two dimensional work. We employ a synergistic and ritual based method, or approach to our practice, whereby working collaboratively becomes a platform for conversation, question and response, combined making methods, and creates a larger forum for art-making to occur, in both a physical and metaphysical capacity.

Ox also create and curate events to provide fellow artists with a platform in which collaborative work can take place.

Annabel and Rob are Educators and Lecturers, with published pedagogic research and specialty teaching with the co-written ‘Collaboration Workshop’, taught in BA Fine Art at Kingston University



RCA SECRET 2018, London & Dubai.


November 2017

‘Extinct Icons & Ritual Burials’ ONCA Gallery, Brighton

September 2017

RCA SECRET 2017, London & Dubai.

July 2017

Ox Presents: Elemental Co-ordinators, Air:Display (a show made from kites), Hampstead Heath, London


July 2016

‘Table – Ox ESP Experiment’  Tannery Projects. A TABLE special event including a performance ritual by Ox Art, and a roundtable discussion with curator Ben Roberts and artists Rachael Champion, Laura Eldret and Ox Art (Annabel Pettigrew and Rob MacPherson).

June 2016

‘Table’ Tannery Projects. A group show curated by Laura Eldret.

April 2016

‘DISC-US!’ East Bristol Contemporary. ‘C53H26L12FSOX’ CD single.

RCA SECRET 2016 London & Dubai.

January 2016

‘The Bothy Project’ Ox On Eigg – Isle Land Life. Psychic Experiments and Site Worship is the Ox Art residency at Sweeney’s Bothy, on the Isle of Eigg, selected and hosted by The Bothy Project.


December 2015

‘Earth Yule’ A group shop for all NIASH Protagonists residency 2015, curated by Ox, Palace Court, Hastings

November 2015

‘Human Pylon’, An experimental performance workshop, exploring Oskar Schlemmer’s ‘Metal and Stick Dances’,hosted by Ox for ANTI-UNIVERSITY NOW!, New Independent Art School, Hastings

October 2015

Ox Presents…. Elemental Collaboration ‘Pylon’ Live Transmission EventStanley Picker Gallery, London

September 2015

Apparitions: The Marble Cave Of Gadime The Appearance and Disappearance of London Art in The Marble Cave of Gadime, Kosovo

March 2015

RCA Secret Show Dubai 2015

March 2015

RCA Secret Show 2015 We were very happy to be nominated for the annual RCA fund raising exhibition. Royal College of Art, Dyson Building, London


December 2014

OX Presents: The Nine Billion Names Of God. A group show hosted and curated by OX.

The Galley On The Corner, London.

June 2014

Wand Ritual and Blessing, Hampstead Heath, London


December 2013

Centre For Useless Splendour: Reading Room. Commission by Centre For Useless Splendour for the Publications launch, curated by Sarah Jones. Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston upon Thames

November 2013

The Gathering, Group show, curated by Jack Duplock, Gallery CAG MyToro, Hamburg, Germany

September 2013

#23Michaeljordan, Kingston University MA Show 2013. Curated by Tom Morton & Cullinan&Richards.

Ox Presents: Procession, An installation in three parts. MA Group Show, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston upon Thames

August 2013

OX Presents: Procession, Collaborative performance event, hosted by OX, Hampstead Heath, London

April – May 2013

OX Presents: Ostara, curatorial event and collaborative show, hosted by OX. Knight’s Park Exhibition Space & The Swan, Kingston upon Thames

January 2013

Hamlet, Group show, Centre for Useless Splendour, Kingston upon Thames


December 2012

Ox Blood: Part 4, Sighs from the Depths, The Swan, Kingston upon Thames

October 2012

Ox Blood: Part 1, The Swan, Kingston upon Thames


The Bothy Project Residency, Isle of Eigg, Scotland. 2016

NIASH, Hastings, England. 2015


Annabel Pettigrew

Visiting Lecturer in Fine Art and workshop leader for the ‘Collaboration Workshop’ at Kingston University

Rob MacPherson

Lecturer in Art and Design at Wiltshire College

Visiting Lecturer in Fine Art and workshop leader for the ‘Collaboration Workshop’ at Kingston University


Annabel Pettigrew

MA Fine Art with PGCert in Higher Education, Kingston University, 2011-2013

BA Fine Art, Kingston University, 2003-2006

Rob MacPherson

MA Fine Art with PGCert in Higher Education, Kingston University, 2011-2013

BA Fine Art, Oxford Brookes University, 2002-2005