Ox UK Tour

The Ox UK Tour is a research initiative for practice enhancement. We travel the UK attending, partaking in, and documenting traditional British folkloric customs. This initiative started in May 2013, and is a continual, rolling project.


Sacred Sites


Pop Culture Pilgrimage

The Ox Pop Culture Pilgrimage Tour is a sibling extension of the Ox UK Tour – another research based venture whereby we visit places and sites of pop cultural significance. Sites include iconic movie locations, filming locations, rock shrines, and graves, which hold pop cultural significance to us, our work, and practice.

The Pop Culture Pilgrimage is an exploration into the religious devotion of fandom, where we create our own sacred spaces, and further explore the notion of pilgrimage within places of pop cultural significance. These sites and the accompanying pilgrimages are where we offer our heroes the forum to become The New Gods, as these pilgrimages often possess the opportunity for worship, gifting, memorial, and prayer in a ritual setting.


Pop Culture Pilgrimage: The Wicker Man

The notion of pilgrimage plays an important part in our practice research.  The Ox Uk Tour of traditional folkloric sites, rites and customs has developed a co-existing tour, The Ox Popculture Pilgrimage Tour, where we have made several pilgrimages to cult British television and movie filming locations. In February 2017 we made our way to the west coast of Scotland in search of The Wicker Man. Our latest pilgrimage took us to many of the filming locations of the 1973 cult British horror movie ‘The Wicker Man.’ With the exception of the aerial shots and the harbour where Sergeant Howie lands on the Island, the majority of the movie was filmed in the west coast region of Dumfries and Galloway.

Come, it’s time to keep your appointment with The Wicker Man…..